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Are you looking for a funeral home that offers affordable funeral packages in Erskineville?

Global Funerals have a range of funeral packages suitable for any budget. When your time of need arises for a family member or loved one situated in Erskineville and you need to prepare a funeral, it is reassuring to know just one funeral family owned company can offer you a complete funeral service where all your requirements are taken care of in one place.

Losing a member of your household or a loved one can be most traumatic. The discomfort you feel is magnified by the processes that have actually to be undertaken from the time your relative or loved one passes away to the time they are buried or cremated. At Global Funerals, we have always sought to help at this time of distress and loss. For over 13 years, we have supplied a range of burial services to a large number of households in Erskineville, Sydney and our objective is to make sure that your cherished relative has a funeral service that is aligned with their wishes.

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We Can Help You No Matter What Your Budget

  • Organise casket, coffin or cremation urn
  • Plan the funeral service
  • Arrange transferring the deceased
  • Flowers and floral arrangements
  • Transportation for family and friends
  • Music & audio visual facilities
  • Funeral celebrant  or minister of your chosing
  • Food catering & kitchen facilities
  • Burial or cremation

Our Professionalism Is Second To None

When you suffer the loss of a loved one it is always a shock, even if the death has been expected. In many cases, of course, the death is unexpected, which will ” quite naturally ” cause even more trauma for family and friends.

 At Global Funerals we understand only too well the pain and suffering of those grieving, who now also need to take care of the practicalities of arranging a funeral at short notice. This is why our long-established family firm offers full service funeral packages Sydney. We take care of every last detail of your loved one’s funeral from the release of the body from a hospital, or collection from anywhere in Sydney and the surrounding area, to burial or cremation according to your wishes.

 You will find that many low-cost funeral directors outsource certain functions which results in the deceased being moved from one place to another, which can add to the distress you are already suffering. At Global Funerals we take care of everything for funeral packages right here on our own premises including our own private chapel of rest. 

 You may have your own ideas about the funeral you desire for your loved one, and if this is the case we will carry out your instructions to the letter in order to provide a final send-off in the way that you envisioned. However, from our years of experience we have found that many people do not know exactly what they want, or indeed what is available.

We Can Come To You Any Time Of The Day Or Night

 Rest assured that we are here to help you at this very difficult time and we will listen to you with sympathy and compassion. We will sit down with you for as long as it takes to explain all of the possible choices you have in order that you can decide how you want the funeral to proceed. We can conduct funerals for all faiths and for those with none, and we will handle the arrangements from beginning to end in order to take all of the worry and distress off your mind. mortuary funeral chapel

 With all our funeral packages we can arrange for burial or cremation according to your wishes or faith, including burial at sea or scattering of ashes from an aircraft.

 As our name implies, although we are a Sydney-based company, we have contacts overseas and we can arrange for repatriation of a deceased from anywhere in the world.  

 Our purpose and mission is to take care of the practical side of your loved one’s funeral, thus taking the worry off your shoulders at a time which is always one of sadness and grief. We can arrange for a celebrant for the funeral, music, flowers, coffins and urns, a horse-drawn hearse, a motorcycle hearse, transport for relatives and friends, funeral notices in the local papers, a wake after the service, and much more. 

 Whatever your needs for funeral packages Sydney, you only have to ask. Our purpose is to provide whatever you wish so that you can be assured that the funeral will proceed exactly according to plan and that your loved one will be given a fitting send-off without the need for any involvement on your part.

There are numerous funeral package services offered, and many of them will approach you with the popular refrain that they are the very best there is in the field. Your family members are worthy to be treated with honour from the time they breathe their last to that minute they are buried. Global funeral directors in Erskineville are the experienced funeral service companies you should contact, as we take of everything for you.

Full Chapel & On Site Mortuary

funeral chapelOne of the best elements of our operations is that we listen. Our funeral directors will always provide you their listening ear. They desire to hear your wishes. They are always interested in understanding exactly what you desire for your family member or friend. We do not shirk our obligations, and we make certain you don’t feel alone at this troubling time of need. Allow us to ensure that every detail will be looked after, so that you can spend your time not stressing over such things.

Global Funerals are known extensive specialists when it comes to dealing with churches, musicians and homes, all in a effort to help with funeral services throughout the service. Our professionals are capable of standing together with individuals from different backgrounds in a stance of uniformity and service, making sure that each and every single aspect of a funeral is performed to the relatives’s wishes.

Your Loved One Remains With Us From Hospital Release To Their Final Goodbye

Global Funerals cares for the deceased in addition to for those they leave behind. At times, you may wish to plan for your very own funeral ahead of time in order to save your family any expenditure and monetary stress in the future. We can organise to have your funeral pre-paid, working with you to guarantee that every last elaborate detail of your funeral has been dealt with. We sign a lawfully binding arrangement with you which works as a guarantee that your terms will be strictly stuck to when it comes time for them to be carried out.

Don’t be fooled by cheap “suitcase funeral directors”, who will quote you a low price and then have your loved shifted all over Sydney before the funeral. There ares some unscrupulous individuals who operate like that and you should be aware of them, and avoid disappointment by phoning us right now, for a free no obligation quote. Global Funeral packages in Erskineville provide peace of mind for the service your loved one would be proud of.

We have actually dealt with the people of Erskineville for a long time now, offering their loved ones the ideal send-off. We also provide repatriation services for the internationally deceased, where relocation of a loved is required.

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